Key Facts About Open, Semi-Open, And Closed Adoptions That Every Pregnant, Single Teen Who's Unsure About Parenting Should Know

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As a pregnant teenager who is interested in learning more about adoption, it's important for you to have accurate information about the process and what to expect. For instance, many women think that placing a baby for adoption always involves handing him or her over to the adoptive parents and never knowing what will happen after that. The truth is that the majority of placements in the United States are open or semi-open adoptions. In addition, you might be surprised to discover that you can choose the adoptive parents for your baby and can be matched only with the people that match your preferences. If you are a young woman seriously contemplating placing your unborn baby for adoption, it's crucial for you to have a clear understanding of the following information:

How Adoptions Used To Happen

For a long time, many adoptions almost always happened behind closed doors, with the entire experience being stressful for the birth mom. She was often expected to give birth and hand her son or daughter over to the adoptive parents within just a few hours or days. To make the situation even worse, she might never even see, hold, or say goodbye to the baby and then she might live the rest of her life wondering about that baby.

Given that the entire situation was often not her choice, it was frequently an awful experience. Today, you have choices and an enormous amount of control over the entire situation. Therefore, you can be sure of the decision and confident in the choices you've made. 

Open Adoptions

Open adoptions have become very popular in recent years and are an appropriate choice for birth moms who want to have regular, non-invasive updates about the baby until the child is an adult. Open adoptions are known to result in regular letters and photos from the adoptive family and annual visits between both families are not uncommon. You can first establish screening factors by making your preferences known and the adoption agency will provide with information on qualified persons.  

For instance, you can state that you want your child's adoptive parents to be married and you will not be presented with any information about single adopters. The same is true of race, sexual preference, employment status, religious beliefs, etc. Then you can read information about prospective adoptive parents and arrange a meeting with the ones who interest you. You'll always have the right to reject applicants with whom you're not comfortable and you can literally choose who the baby will call "Mom" and "Dad".

Semi-open Adoptions

Semi-open adoptions also provide you with updates about your child as he or she matures, but visits and photos don't occur. In addition, semi-open adoptions don't permit you to meet or obtain identifying information about the adoptive parents, so your updates would have less information. Those updates would typically be handled through a trusted and neutral third-party, who is often someone associated with the adoption agency.      

Semi-open adoptions are a good choice for many birth moms who know that they cannot raise the baby but know that having too much information, including names, addresses, etc. would make the process more difficult.   

Closed Adoptions

It's important to point out that although closed adoptions still exist, they are less common now. There are many reasons you might prefer to not know where your baby is going to be raised and it is absolutely okay to need closure when giving a baby up for adoption. Closed adoptions can often provide that closure for you since there is absolutely no contact between the families. In addition, some birth parents are more comfortable with the process of closed adoptions, due to the lack of contact. The best adoption plan is the one that works well for you, the adoptive parents and the baby.  

In conclusion, permitting your baby that you cannot parent to be adopted by a new family is undoubtedly one of the most difficult and most loving acts you will ever do. If you are a young woman who is considering adoption for your baby, you need to be aware of facts shared above. 

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